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Consumers want control over their digital lives. They want to determine when, where and how they communicate and interact with the important institutions, businesses and individuals in their lives. As technology expands our ability to control our own data, corporations today are finding responsible new ways to make sure that their business practices respect consumer preferences and expectations.

Standards of privacy are changing in society, and more companies are committed to following the highest levels of consumer privacy protection. More companies are dedicated to providing each and every customer with notice, transparency, choice and consent when it comes to how their personal data and private information is managed.

Respect for consumer privacy is one of the most important principles and highest priorities for leading companies. We know that customers rely on companies  to preserve and protect their most sensitive information, whether it is financial, health, lifestyle or simply shopping and entertainment preferences. 

A Strong  Commitment to privacy and data security is essential in today's market. This includes: doing  business in a responsible and ethical way; communicating responsibly  with customers both online and offline. We take this commitment seriously and pledge to continue our efforts to report on the key developments in consumer privacy protection. 

. . . And Policymakers

Privacy is front and center in today's headlines and on the policy agenda. From Facebook to Google and beyond, companies are facing growing pressure to tell the world how they are handling privacy. Your Privacy Matters is a media platform for information on corporate practices in the area of consumer privacy and data security. We are dedicated to providing information on privacy that enlightens the ongoing discussion on this important issue. We examine the efforts of companies that are doing business in a responsible and ethical way. And we shine the light on the people, policies and practices that reflect true leadership and commitment to preserve privacy protection for all consumers.  In other words, we are committed to telling the complete story on privacy.

Together, we can make a difference.

Who is Leading the Way?

Not every company is a consumer privacy violator.  Many companies understand and accept the responsibility of doing everything necessary to protect and preserve consumer privacy.

  • Your Privacy Matters identifies and highlights the lessons of responsible behavior by major companies when it comes to consumer privacy, data security and ethical  communication principles and practices.

  • Your Privacy Matters examines the compliance and remedial practices being employed by companies worldwide. 

  • Your Privacy Matters helps to inform and enlighten  policy on privacy, data security, TCPA compliance, and consumer protection matters.

Our data, research and proprietary information can shape the debate and enlighten the policy decisions on privacy.  

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Responsible privacy practices

We Tell the Story

  • With so much attention focused on violations of consumer privacy, there is less attention being paid to responsible practices by reputable organizations. We understand that many companies adhere to strict and ethical policies and are committed to advancing information that will inform public policy and advance the public interest.

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